Time We Detox America

How does resident Biden or his goon squad administration have any credibility or authority to demonize citizens untrusting of election integrity in America, Brazil, or anywhere else on earth?

These are the “trusted authorities” leading, legislating and regulating the creation of our brand new monetary system, while laptops from hell are ignored, CCP Infiltration continues, media and big tech censorship worsens, FBI & DOJ pervert our constitution and medical assassins expand experimental poison mandates on our children and elderly?

There must be a great reconciliation, a deep cleansing and a return to truth, justice and accountability in America. The great thing about lies is they don’t last forever.

Vote like our lives and nation depend on you. No excuses. No more time. Every vote matters.

Enough is enough! PLEASE watch, learn and share Mel K’s research at link below!