Our New DLT Level Playing Field

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If I could give only one gift to the world, it would be freedom. The powerful have always harvested wealth from the masses by exploiting our ignorance, weaponizing fear and operating in the shadows. Deception is their tool of trade. Transparency, honesty and accountability are rare attributes of the “elite.” Our freedom requires knowledge. Ignorance, our lack of knowledge, keeps us enslaved. It’s a choice we are free to make. This video is my

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For Those With Eyes to See, Enjoy! Friends, in wartime conditions, wise combatants never publicly announce their plans for obvious reasons. Unless and until, we realize our world is
The “why” questions driving the creation, filing, selection, scheduling and potential of the Brunson v. Adams civil lawsuit awaiting Supreme Court review & adjudication are profound, breathtaking and beyond
This is perhaps the most powerful video montage of five compelling perspectives on the future of our world’s new banking system. Much of our world is bankrupt, the 50+
This presentation outlines one of the greatest untold stories in world history, one our corporate media, central bankers and (s)elected politicians aren’t discussing or simply can’t comprehend.
All human labor, effort, invention and creative production since 1971 has been exchanged for fiat money, which is a tool designed to siphon away our wealth via economic constructs
This video was produced by Christine Dolan, a seasoned US Investigative Journalist and Television Producer, who has worked for US networks and traveled the world. She is a world
Linqto’s Apollo Investor Group had the honor of speaking with XRP investor and attorney, John Deaton, who’s filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of all XRP investors, against

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