The XRP “Bridge” Token is wholly different in design, purpose, technology and use case vs. Bitcoin’s “Store of Value” Token. It’s critical for all seeking to understand the profound differences and global opportunities ahead for both XRP & BTC, without being subjected to the emotionally charged tribalism, media bias and politically inflamed rhetoric that often confuses and discourages those seeking clear understanding.

Watch Kevin: XRP vs BTC: Hear Kevin O’Leary Explain

What’s truly at stake right now is this: exactly how the world’s “new” forms of money will be defined, created, valued, collateralized, distributed, exchanged, borrowed, taxed and regulated by governments and individuals. We’re talking about an issue that impacts ALL the money and wealth on earth. This is a multi quadrillion dollar issue.

We’re witnessing a Financial World War being fought using weapons of propaganda, lies, secrets, misinformation, “news”, conflicts, rumors of wars and societal misdirections because the most powerful banks, governments, NGOs and institutions on earth seek to retain centralized control, power and ownership over the new, emerging financial systems. The old guard seeks centralized, top down power & control whereas emerging distributed ledger technologies offer the ability to radically decentralize and democratize money, wealth creation and power in a manner that terrifies the living hell out of those who masterfully “divide & conquer” our world.

“Seek first to understand.” It’s up to each of us to discern what’s driving the chaos and disorder in our times. “Follow the money” has long been a sound strategy to discover motive. And let’s never forget the love of money is the root of all evil.