Liquidating Corporate Liabilities with Covid

In bankruptcy proceedings, orders are issued to return all remaining assets and liquidate all liabilities of insolvent corporations for the benefit of the legal owners and shareholders.

The vast majority of nations on earth are in fact, legal corporations structured under admiralty (maritime) law, with their currencies and economies under the control of 1) Central Bankers, 2) the International Monetary Fund and 3) the World Bank.  These three global, non-government organizations (NGOs) are “straw man” entities of the Vatican Bank and ultimately, the City of London/Crown Corporation (COL/CC) which holds full legal (but not lawful) title to most nation-corporations, including the United States, all their assets, registered properties, corporations, militaries and government facilities. These three powerful NGOs control the politicians and in turn, their “public policies” which have been strategically designed to bankrupt each of the COL/CC’s “independent” nations through the gradual accumulation of debt levels so enormous they become mathematically impossible to repay.

America alone is well beyond bankrupt and incapable of ever repaying our $31+ trillion in debt plus our $300+ trillion in unfunded liabilities.

Why Bankrupt “Their” Corporations?

Hundreds of millions, if not billions of humans on earth are owed pensions, retirements, social security, medicare/medicaid (or the equivalent in other government-corporations), disability payments, veteran’s benefits, welfare, and a vast array of other payments and services from their bankrupt government-corporations.

The COL/CC’s pre-meditated, godless engineering of a global pseudo-health, pseudo-science, Covid “pandemic” was carried out by leveraging virtue-signaling “safety experts”, feckless politicians, money-hungry pharmaceutical executives, major media and tech industry accomplices and many unsuspecting, good-natured people deceived into helping eliminate (liquidate, kill, erase) as many financial obligations (debts) to which the COL/CC owed to hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people. By intentionally seeking to collapse their debt drenched government-corporations, the COL/CC would benefit by gaining full ownership of all sovereign lands, buildings, assets, gold, silver, natural resources and companies via the maritime bankruptcy process, minus all financial obligations owed to the millions of Covid deceased “liabilities.”

How many “net-net” quadrillions in acquired assets plus eliminated financial obligations are involved? Consider the following:

1 pharmaceutical industry profits, PLUS

2 elimInation of financial liabilities, PLUS

3 full ownership of ALL sovereign assets

Try to calculate the total value of the above over a 1, 10, 20 or 50 year time span using whatever method you prefer. How much new property plus erased liabilities would accrue to the benefit of one single entity, The City of London/Crown Corporation?

Follow the science my ass. How about we follow the money?

Might a financial motive this massive help the public to understand why free thinkers the world over were targeted, mocked, cancelled, fired, terrorized and even jailed for having the audacity to question the ever-changing, absurdly illogical and non-scientific “official narratives” we’ve all been fed?

Money or Life?

These “elite” owners of the COL/CC are beyond sick. Money is their god. They and their advocates view most humans as useless eaters, debt slaves and, once deemed to be a financial liability via their “cost/benefit analysis” or “useful lives” theory, expendable.

Once our world comes to realize how many Covid related murders have occurred under the color of “science”, the incomprehensible nature of their crimes against humanity will inevitably lead to the dismantling of the Crown Corporation’s prison planet. This era of human deception, division, war, enslavement and spiritual darkness will be recorded as the greatest example of the consequences of mankind turning its’ back on God.

A Brighter Future

Soon, our world will begin a new journey in discovery of truth, purpose, freedom, peace, sovereignty, self-government, prosperity, justice and a more intimate relationship with the Benevolent Creator of everything.

There are universal, timeless truths available to us all in the greatest Law Book ever written. It simply requires each of us to make a purposeful decision to seek His knowledge, understanding and wisdom to live fully under His authority, protection and abundance.

When this dark chapter ends and we continue to say the words, “In God We Trust”, my prayer is we humble ourselves to seek God’s infinite ability to strengthen our knowledge and renew our minds beyond the stifling dogma, superstition and hypocrisy of the past – and we discover greater wisdom, understanding and courage to live purposefully with the God we say we trust.

America and the world stands at the precipice of a beautiful new era and for this, I am forever grateful.