An Awakened America

My fellow Americans, our time is now. We have seen enough, we know enough, and we’ve had enough. Our hearts, minds, souls, families and communities are under assault. Forces beyond our sight and control are imposing their will on us, without our consent. We know in our bones we’re under attack spiritually, politically, economically, legally and psychologically. Common sense is being raped before our very eyes.

Honesty requires courage. We all must face the truth in order to solve our problems.

Please watch, reflect, think, pray and then, consider sharing this short video with others who also believe “something’s just not right in our world.” There is an explanation to what is driving chaos in our world. Are we brave enough to ask hard questions and accept hard truths, no matter how uncomfortable the truth may make us feel?

Solutions exist to all problems we face. We mostly want the same things in life. Let’s unite around truth, rediscover a spirit of gratitude, and endeavor to leave a legacy of greatness for ourselves and those we love.

We’ve all been lied to and deceived for far too long. We deserve better.

United we stand. Divided we cease to exist as a nation.