Biden: Face of a Regime Installed by a Foreign Corporation

Biden, the CCP and the Crown Corporation: More destructive and damaging than Pearl Harbor or 9/11, we have damning evidence of the motive, tactics, participants, digital footprints and treasonous collaboration between China, American politicians, US corporate executives, Central Bankers, intelligence agencies, broadcast and social media outlets and global NGOs. Look no further than the Afghanistan nightmare to connect your powers of observation, common sense and deductive reasoning. Nothing makes sense, our world seems to be spiraling into chaos and “official narratives” grow more absurd, tyrannical and unconstitutional by the day. Does America seem to be moving closer to tyranny or liberty and freedom? Who’s actually in control?

Know the truth and the truth shall set us free.

Absolute essential viewing (below) for those brave enough to face hard truths, faithful enough to accept God’s sovereignty and mature enough to ask bold questions. :