Understanding is the “Bridge Token” Between Knowledge, Wisdom & Wealth

Please, I pray you, hear this profound truth CEO Mark Yusko highlights in just 53 seconds. The bridge between knowledge & wisdom is understanding. Cross the bridge, and you’ll better understand how to position yourself, your faith, family, finances and future in the years ahead. And a great deal of fear, uncertainty and doubt in your life will disappear.

Over the past 20 or so years, since the public was introduced to, and has since fully adopted the internet era, human consciousness and awareness has changed more significantly and rapidly than any period in recorded history. The VAST implications of these changes are almost impossible to quantify or overestimate.


After many centuries, the long-held, twin global monopolies of DATA & MEDIA are being forever disrupted by fruit from the decentralization tree. This technological shift has forever weakened the legacy, Goliath-like powers the church and state have hoarded, distorted and weaponized to program, control, terrorize and enslave mankind.   


– The centralized church and its’ corporate religion model is falling to distributed faith.

– The government controlled news & entertainment media is being decentralized into citizen produced media.

– The Banker-Military-Industrial Defense Contractor-Media Complex War Machine has been exposed with the high-definition clarity of truth, facts, evidence, testimony and payment trails that convict all of their intentional and/or naive participation in vast crimes against humanity – beyond any shadow of doubt.

– The Central Banker Magicians who turned sound money backed by real assets like gold & silver into unsound currency disguised as debt, a tool backed by feckless political promises that have long served to destroy public wealth through the Central Banker invention called inflation.

– The Horace Mann inspired, Austrian industrial “factory worker-training model” that John D. Rockefeller helped finance, unionize and rebrand as “public education” – the single most powerful compliance-indoctrination operation in the world. Education does not, nor will it ever mean, wisdom. Vast quantities of memorized data and professional degrees by themselves, is not enough

– The John D. Rockefeller inspired, engineered and financed, petro-pharmaceutical-centric, medical industrial complex that slowly supplanted and denigrated the long-proven, natural wellness, nutrition, exercise and spiritual components vital to healthy living.

In short, without truth we have no freedoms. Decentralization is returning sovereignty to the individual and to the family unit, exactly where it was created to reside and flourish. And with our newly restored sovereignty, we will have be given a new birth of freedom.

The currency of fear is one of slave masters. The constant showering of chaos and fear flooding through our airwaves should be seen as confirmation of the slave masters’ panic, their attempt to divide our nation and their utter loss of control.

Decentralization unlocks the door that has long trapped us all in their matrix.