Brilliance & Artistry of Q

Q is an intentional dissemination of information combined with the artful use of the Socratic method to awaken people unaware of our economic, political, governmental and societal conditions. Its’ purpose is to stimulate our critical thinking and encourage us to examine the unreconcilable lies and deceptions that have been elaborately fabricated  to enslave us for hundreds of years.

We are experiencing many of the fruits of the Q movement on this day, Nov. 8, 2022. The Q campaign has, and is, playing a monumental role in the Great Awakening happening the world over.

Please read, reflect on, and share if you care, these brilliant essays: Martin Geddes – On Q

There are no costs or risks to freely seeking answers to bold, simple questions. And there is no difference between the person who can’t read and the one who chooses not to.

May God bless us and free us from darkness.