On This Veterans Day

🔥Breaking News🔥

This bombshell confirmation was just shared by President Donald J. Trump. It’s one thing for us to hold suspicions or draw conclusions, yet it’s breaking news with global relevance when a man of profound influence, accomplishments and first hand knowledge, verifies the authenticity of our worst nightmares. 

Eight consecutive years of relentless savagery, political lawfare & character assassination efforts directed at one man, in spite of his profound record of successes, serves as prima facia evidence to validate this Presidential allegation. It also points to our corporate government’s true motives.

The simultaneous wars engulfing us – economic, spiritual, political, medical, cultural, military – serve as undeniable evidence that Washington, DC, loyalists have zero desire or intent to relinquish their power or control over the people they rule. It is critical to understand the multi-faceted nature of the many wars we face.

The implosion of financial markets, perversion of our cultural norms, raging inflation, media malpractice, pharmaceutical tyranny, CCP assisted electioneering, weaponization of US “intelligence” & “justice” agencies against citizens and the lawless money laundering behind the fig leaf of Ukrainian aid serve as damning evidence our government has an agenda other than “helping us.”

It is far past time we the people unite around common truths and virtues, reclaim our sovereign authority to self-govern and break free of the fascist overlords in government and corporate America.

We were born free and we are free. We are not slaves to the whims of centralized bureaucrats who seek to control and program every faucet of our lives.

We are born as spiritual beings here to live and discover our purpose, free to enjoy a brief, physical experience while on this earth. We are not born to be treated as physical property or assets owned by elites who deem themselves entitled to rule “their” world as one big corporation.

We either enjoy true freedom or we endure the illusion of freedom. This is our decision.

I salute you all, my fellow veterans.