Vaccines or Vietnam War?

90% of our world has no idea what has just occurred. Last year’s 36% excess mortality rate in the US in ONE year equates to more vaccine deaths than ALL Vietnam War deaths, combined. An ongoing conspiracy of silence among governments, pharmaceuticals, religious, healthcare, academic, media, insurance and investment banking “leaders” amounts to the greatest crime in our lifetimes. Any elected politician or industry leader refusing to share factual information and fully disclose vaccine risk data with those placing trust in them is guilty of genocide.

There’s no way to sugar coat this truth with political correctness.

It’s no one’s fault for being duped or deceived when this Covid Plandemic first emerged. To now see the evidence, know the truth and fail to inform others, is 100% our fault.

Let’s stop the insanity, awaken all we can, and bring those accountable for these crimes against humanity to justice.

To watch the entire 6:17 video with Edward Dowd, a former BlackRock investment banker and research analyst with billions of assets under management, the link is below.