World’s Best Video Montage: XRP, Ripple & The New Internet of Value

This is perhaps the most powerful video montage of five compelling perspectives on the future of our world’s new banking system. Much of our world is bankrupt, the 50+ year old legacy monetary system built atop the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency is on life support, and major banks, currencies and governments are on the verge of collapsing.

Individually, our only options are to 1) deny reality and make no changes, 2) seek answers from the very same people and institutions involved in and responsible for the collapse of our current financial system, or 3) seek wisdom from people who are deeply skilled, professionally experienced and personally invested in the construction of the world’s new banking infrastructure.

Please invest 10 minutes in yourself by expanding your perspective, listening intently with an open, curious mind and then, make a personal decision to explore your options or simply embrace the status quo.

Clip 1: Rosie Rios, Former US Treasury Secretary for 8 years, Ripple Board Member

Clip 2: Brad Garlinghouse, Current CEO of Ripple

Clip 3: Gary Gensler, US SEC Chairman & Tim Draper, Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist

Clip 4: NotFinancialAdvice.crypto on Twitter, a researcher and digital asset educator

Clip 5: Zach Rector, Researcher, Investor, Business Owner and Educator

If you find this video worthwhile, please consider sharing it with all you believe might appreciate a fresh perspective on planning for their future. Intelligent diversification across various asset classes is generally considered the best way to reduce investment risk. Most people are seeking to lower their risk and “cover all the bases” during these times of unprecedented change.