Our New DLT Level Playing Field

If I could give only one gift to the world, it would be freedom.

The powerful have always harvested wealth from the masses by exploiting our ignorance, weaponizing fear and operating in the shadows. Deception is their tool of trade. Transparency, honesty and accountability are rare attributes of the “elite.” Our freedom requires knowledge. Ignorance, our lack of knowledge, keeps us enslaved. It’s a choice we are free to make.

This video is my heartmost attempt to offer knowlege and bridge understanding to whoever lacks hope, seeks answers or sees our world engulfed in chaos. When nothing makes sense, the most important question we all should be asking is, “Why?”

Please consider me a “Why” Tour Guide.

All I’ve learned is yours to have. Many thousands of hours of research, analysis, interviews, travel, writing, discernment, prayer and a rich lifetime of experiences have helped shaped my worldview.

Please accept this video as a gift and share it with your loved ones – or do with as you wish.