World’s Best Video Montage: XRP, Ripple & The New Internet of Value

This is perhaps the most powerful video montage of five compelling perspectives on the future of our world’s new banking system. Much of our world is bankrupt, the 50+ year old legacy monetary system built atop the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency is on life support, and major banks, currencies and governments are on the verge of collapsing.

What Reset Lies Ahead?

This presentation outlines one of the greatest untold stories in world history, one our corporate media, central bankers and (s)elected politicians aren’t discussing or simply can’t comprehend.

4 Minutes: Exactly How Bankers Harvest Our Lives

All human labor, effort, invention and creative production since 1971 has been exchanged for fiat money, which is a tool designed to siphon away our wealth via economic constructs called inflation, taxation, fees, interest and the endless, unrestricted “printing” of fiat dollars. As each day passes, every hour of life we are forced to exchange for fiat currency, our purchasing power bleeds away as the wealth of the fiat money makers grows greater. We the people are the crop global bankers harvest with their fiat farming tools. This is why the Federal Reserve Bank was created in secret in Jekyll Island, Georgia, in 1913. The immoral, godless enslavement of all people on earth ends when we the people decide we’ve had enough and choose to reclaim our true authority endowed to each of us by our Creator.

John Deaton, Class Action Attorney for XRP vs. SEC (Linqto)

Linqto’s Apollo Investor Group had the honor of speaking with XRP investor and attorney, John Deaton, who’s filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of all XRP investors, against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). John updated the status of his case and considered a 4th legal theory that he wished he’d considered!