Above The Supreme Court

My non-legal intuition leads me to believe the U.S. Supreme Court may well adjudicate the Brunson vs. Adams Case with a 9-0 ruling in favor of the plaintiff, Loy Brunson, based on these combination of factors: 1) sound law, 2) legacy preservation, 3) the path of least resistance to “restorative justice”, and 4) UCMJ/Military Command influence.

7 years before our victory over the British, 12 years before we adopted our beloved U.S. Constitution, and even prior to the signing of our Declaration of Independence (an Act of War against the British), the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) was the original law that gave our new nation our standing, rights & authority as a people to declare war against the King. It is this very same military law that underwrites our fundamental right as a people to DISBAND any government that becomes hostile or destructive to the preservation of our unalienable rights.

My view, and one held by others far more learned than me, is the jurisdiction, standing and authority vested in OUR military leaders by our UCMJ supersedes the powers delegated to the Supreme Court. The BINDING OATH sworn by our highest ranking Military Generals (as well as all military personnel) is to God, our Constitution & We the People. They operate within a more powerful, trustworthy, honorable & noble institution than nine political appointees sitting on a swamp bench. Many if not most SC Justices have less than stellar consistency in their rulings & many having serious personal conflicts of interest.

My heartfelt, researched & reasoned opinion is the Supreme Court will accept the terms of a discretely offered deal presented by honor-bound Military Leaders to “fix this mess” <OR> our Military Leaders will pursue a different path towards restoring our nation upon its founding principles (see Brazil).

It’s more than reasonable to assume there is ample evidence of some SC Justice criminality, collusion, nefarious relationships and/or extremely dark skeletons hidden in some of their closets – and any guilty party would prefer all evidence stays locked away.

The absolute path of least resistance for all SC Justices is to “take the deal” – as all other options would certainly be more personally & professionally catastrophic.

For a deeper dive analysis of the “Why” I’ve reached these conclusions, please view my recent video, “Brunson Brothers Make History – The Full Story”, below.

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