The Magician’s Trick

In a brilliant series covering the topic, The Fear of God, it was explained how our undisciplined emotions often override our clear, objective thinking, and the combination of emotion + uncritical thought keeps us disconnected from righteousness, or being in “right standing” with God. A powerful, real-world example of this thesis is perfectly illustrated in this leader’s short speech. Weaponizing fear to retain and/or expand power & control over others is THE “magician’s trick” of the ages. Fear has been deployed by central bankers, kings, rulers, politicians and despots since the beginning of time. All generations have suffered enslavement and abuse stemming from a pandemic of cowardice, a plague made possible only by our lack of knowledge.

Viruses come and go. But it’s our lack of understanding of His Laws in His Law Book which leads to our mindset of sin-conscience; a mentality that separates of from righteous- conscience, and one that keeps us from accessing the love, authority, power, abundance, wisdom and presence of our Father in the here and now. He is the Branch and we are the vine, right now. Not after we bide our time and exit. But at this moment.

Many, myself included, have had or still hold onto a mindset of not being deserving or worthy of being in the presence of The Great “I Am”, right here, right now. No restrictions, barriers, sacrifices, rituals or cover charge necessary. The price has been paid for us all. Once. No performance, offerings or tithes, necessary. Let no religion or person tell you otherwise

It’s the mindset of separation that allows our world to be led into division, greed, lack, war, chaos, illness and hell on earth.

Separation is THE lie.

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