The Creature From Jekyll Island Gave Birth to FTX

America, we are being told to believe these three ‘Captains of Crypto’ from FTX (pictured above) outsmarted the most brilliant Venture Capitalists, the world’s Banking Elite, U.S. Government Regulators at the SEC & CFTC, Silicon Valley Legends & even CNBC! This ridiculous, nonsensical, high-profile $38B belly flop “narrative” is being leveraged by all the usual suspects as the “why” an emerging, innovative technology industry MUST be regulated by the very same tyrannical goons who have driven our world straight to hell.

Please tell me you aren’t buying this narrative from our completely untrustworthy media, government and banking industry “betters?”

The choreographed FTX creation and implosion was designed – from the beginning – to help Central Banking “elites” by killing or capturing the innovations and efficiencies being produced by an upstart industry they don’t own or control.

Globalists always scheme to assassinate the character and destroy the reputation of any person, leader, industry, innovation or popular movement that threatens to challenge or weaken their monopoly on power.

What “Game” are Central Bankers Playing?

The exact opposite of Centralized Finance (#CeFi) is Decentralized Finance (#DeFi).

#CeFi TILTS the economic “playing field” to the benefit of the private owners of central banks. #DeFi LEVELS the “playing field” to allow all people on earth who work, earn, save and invest a far greater, more equal opportunity to build personal wealth.

Guess who are terrified of a #DeFi world becoming a reality? Who stand to lose power and control if people become more wealthy and independent?

Our world has been, and remains to this day, predominantly controlled by a small number of private owners of the Rothschild/Rockefeller Central Banking empire – one that operates franchises in almost every nation on earth. This privately owned, Central Banking empire is incorporated in the City of London and has been allowed to install and operate almost all the world’s monetary systems. Central Bankers are given permission to give meaning to money, assign its “worth” or “value” with mere words, issue enslaving levels of debt with interest, create infinite amounts of fiat currencies out of thin air, invent rules & demand legislators enact laws crafted on their terms, and then distribute, loan, borrow, tax, regulate, withhold and control virtually all the world’s wealth, with no accountability, audit, transparency or consequences.

“Those who own the gold, rule the world.”

How the hell do we unwind this nightmare of a Banking Creature? As our world seems to slide further into chaos by the minute, with geo-political events and fear-porn escalating at an ever faster pace, let’s pause to ask ourselves, “Why?” “Who benefits from the chaos?” “Who is selling the fear?” “Who are being cast as ‘villains’?” “Who are being portrayed by the “narrative makers” as the heroes here to save us all?

As William Shakespeare famously observed, “All the world’s a stage.” I wish I could’ve asked Shakespeare, “Who owns the stage?”

Allow me to suggest the stage owners are the very Central Bank franchise operators holding all the gold – the “elite” who have ruled while 90% of wealth on earth is now owned by less than 3% of mankind. This a level playing field?

If you owned a global casino where “the house” won 90% of the time, might you use all your power, wealth, influence and control to destroy anyone or anything that threatened your global monopoly?

The Jekyll Island Creature’s child named FTX was sent to destroy public trust in the blockchain, #DeFi and crypto-currency industry – for their benefit of central banks.

FTX’s much bigger brother, Tether ($USDT), the world’s largest stable-coin, will soon arrive on the world stage, with an assigned mission to finish the job FTX failed to do. And now that we understand the magician’s trick, I pray we won’t fall for it again.

By asking smart questions we discover why every possible effort is being made to destroy #DeFi innovations in the emerging #FinTech, #BlockChain, #DLT, #NFT and #Crypto industries. These creative “disruptors” promise to return greater wealth and freedoms back to sovereign nations and individuals by leveling the playing field.

Knowledge is power. It’s been said we are enslaved only by our lack of knowledge.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Let’s let freedom ring, for all of us!