Jar Shakers From Hell

Deception and division have long been known as the two most powerful weapons of choice among kings, rulers and dictators seeking to conquer and lord over people and nations. Today, neither Americans nor people in any country are safe from the “divide & conquer” methods being used by the warlords of our time.

Each of us are free to ask and ultimately, we all should attempt to answer these questions:

  1. Who is shaking the jar?
  2. Who has the motive to shake the jar?
  3. Who has the means to shake the jar?
  4. Who owns the jar?
  5. Who conditioned us to live in the jar?
  6. Who will unleash hell to keep their jar?
  7. Who deserves better than life in a jar?
  8. Who seeks to break free from the jar?
  9. Who faces the wrath of hell for asking?
  10. Who came to shatter the jar, forever?

Our inheritance is life, liberty and the individual pursuit of happiness & purpose.

If it’s freedom, liberty and justice we seek, we must break free from their jar, together. Let’s seek Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom to fully live our Life by reclaiming full authority to govern ourselves.

The best government is limited government.

United we stand, divided we fall, love conquers all and nothing can stop the Truth that is soon to roar like a Lion.

#KUWL is the way forward!