A Money Message to Every Church on Earth

“The system is just the way it is. Nothing can be done about it so why bother?”


Because, at the ROOT of societal, cultural, faith and governmental decay & corruption lies the Great Rape of our monetary system. The Father of Lies invented & owns the very system that extracts almost all our treasure, effort & time from us and then uses our stolen property to hypnotize, “train”, indoctrinatedividedeceive & destroy our families, nations & futures. WE the People are funding the “black magic” that literally drowns our world with 24/7/365 deceptions, hate & godlessness. We are being continuously programmed & seduced into this 3D matrix world in large part because WE keep feeding the beast through his inverted monetary system. We can no longer afford the lazy luxury of ignorance or aloofness towards the very system that is being weaponized against us.

We were asked to “be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” There are no qualifiers, restrictions or “off limits” areas in which we were asked to be wise.

We are enslaved by our lack of knowledge.” 

The Law Giver wrote in the Law Book for His Law students to avoid debt and cautioned us that money was the only thing on earth, other than God, that would require our worship.  God knows it, Satan is leveraging God’s Truth against us using OUR STOLEN WEALTH, and yet we remain BLIND, IGNORANT & UNWISE, with scales over our eyes, to our role in this equation. We simply can’t afford any more excuses.  

We The Church MUST help end our hijacked, perverted, wealth extracting monetary system destroying our world and our children’s futures. We either have power, standing, authority, jurisdiction and dominion over the earth, or we don’t. How real is our faith? We were NOT created to be helpless, fearful, submissive sheep with a “stay in your 501(c)3 lane” attitude. What a waste of our inherited authority if we fail to gain a full understanding of what God taught us about money. How dangerous it can be – especially when concentrated in the hands of those who seek to divide, deceive & destroy us – if we refuse to armor ourselves in truth and stop consenting to the very thieves imposing their sick will on us with our money.

Together, we CAN end this. All we must do is awaken, learn & unite. We the Church far outnumber the godless monetary magicians.

Could there be a more noble, righteous or loving purpose than to help restore true Common Law freedoms, God given rights and a level playing field for all the world to freely seek life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness – the way our Creator intended?

I ask you to please share this message with all you know, love, lead and influence.

— Rob